Vehicle Accident at the Intersection of West Valley Street and Russell Road – February 2, 2017

At 10:46, Abingdon Fire was alerted to an accident at the intersection of W Valley Street and Russell Road. A Tractor-trailer hauling a front-end loader on a lowboy trailer hit a power pole. This pole was a very critical pole for the Town of Abingdon. It contained several high energy power lines, telephone lines, cable lines and fiber lines. it also had the traffic signal box mounted on the pole along with 6 traffic signals for the intersection. Fire units stood by until Town Public Works units were able to block all intersections. Rescue Engine 205, Chief 201, Utility 210 and Utility 211 responded along with Abingdon Police and Washington County Life Saving Crew Units. It took several hours to get all the proper utility units staged to make the repairs. Initial reports suggested an 8-12 hour repair window.