Tree in Roadway on Porterfield Highway – January 14, 2013

At 22:38, Abingdon Fire was alerted to a large tree that had fallen on Porterfield Highway, blocking both lanes. The tree, which was on a bank above the roadway, had probably became loose from the rainfall of the day. Several vehicles had hit the tree due to the weather and the darkness of that area. Fire and AEP personnel cut the limbs that were hanging over the roadway. To complicate the situation, the tree had taken down several power and other utility lines. Brush 208 originally responded to this call. Engine 201, Utility 207, Command 209, and Command 210 were working an accident on Interstate 81 and responded to this call after clearing the vehicle accident. Other agencies responding were the Washington County Life Saving Crew, VA State Police, VA Department of Transportation, and the Washington County Sheriffs’ Department. All units cleared about 02:00 on 01/15.