Tractor Trailer Vs. Tree on the Intersection of Oakland Street and Lowry Drive – November 12, 2021

At 1300, Abingdon Fire was alerted to a tractor trailer hitting a tree at the intersection of Oakland Street and Lowry Drive. The tree was at a very steep roadway intersection and when the truck made the turn, it struck the tree and split the trailer hauling paint in half. The paint was in large plastic containers that were reinforced with a metal cage around each container. Fortunately. there was only one container that ruptured and poured some black paint in the roadway, which was removed by fire and public works personnel. No injuries were reported. A rotator wrecker was called in and was able to lift the trailer where the split occurred. All containers of paint had to be offloaded before the truck could be removed. Rescue Engine 205, Chief 201, Chief 202, Utility 210 responded along with the new spill trailer on its first run. Abingdon Police Department, Washington County Life Saving Crew, Abingdon Public Works, and Department of Emergency Services also responded. After about five hours, the roadway was cleared, and both the tractor and the trailer were towed to the wrecker company storage lot.