Tractor Trailer Accident on Interstate 81 – December 14, 2011

AT 05:59, Abingdon Fire was dispatched to a truck accident on Interstate 81. A tractor trailer had hit the guard rail, tearing many sections out, and jack-knifing in the passing lane of the southbound side of Interstate 81. The fuel tank on the driver’s side of the truck was ruptured and an estimated 175-200 gallons of fuel was spilled in the roadway. Abingdon Fire applied what absorbent materials it had on the units and had addition absorbent brought in from a local store. The fuel was headed toward a waterway and firefighters on the scene were able to stop the flow before it reached the creek. Both the driving and passing lanes were blocked and Interstate traffic was directed into the emergency lane and off Exit 17 through Abingdon. Washington County Life Saving Crew and VA State Police also responded to this call. A crane and heavy wrecker were brought in to remove the truck. Abingdon Fire units on the scene were Engine 204, Utility 207, Support 206, Brush 208, and Command 209.