Tractor Accident – September 20, 2018

At 15:18, Abingdon Fire was alerted to a farm tractor rollover with a subject under the tractor. Upon arrival, the subject’s foot and leg was pinned under the tractor’s wheel. First arriving units attempted to raise the tractor using the jaws of life spreader. Due to the wheel turning the attempt was unsuccessful. A combination of spreaders, jacks, cribbing and airbags were used to hinder the wheel from turning allowing a successful extrication. The individual did not suffer any broken bones but was very bruised. Washington County Life Saving Crew personnel checked the individual and no transport was needed. Chief 201, Rescue Engine 205, Brush 208 and Utility 210 responded along with an Ambulance and Crash Truck from Washington County Life Saving Crew. Brush 208 and Utility 210 were staged above the accident and winch lines were deployed to stabilize the tractor during extrication and to later upright the tractor.