Structure Fire on Florist Drive – March 10, 2020

At 19:53, Abingdon Fire and Meadowview Fire were alerted to a structure fire on Florist Drive in Abingdon. Upon arrival, flames were visible on the roof. The fire was quickly extinguished. The source of the fire was a wood stove in the corner of the living room. The hot stove pipe ignited the roof. It was reported that a female was still in the structure upon dispatch but had been removed prior to arrival of the fire department. Removal of the stove pipe and burned roof materials left an opening in the roof. A tarp was obtained from a neighbor and placed over the opening as temporary weather protection. The structure was not safe for the residents to return, and the American Red Cross was contacted for assistance. Chief 201, Chief 202, Tower 203, Engine 204, Battalion 209 and Utility 210 responded along with units from the Meadowview Fire Department and Washington County Life Saving Crew.