Gas Smell on Cummings Street – August 5, 2010

At 15:22 following an electrical storm, Abingdon Fire responded to a call of a strong gas smell at 100 Abingdon Place at the Abingdon Professional Building on Cummings Street The building reporting the smell was checked with a gas meter and no trace of the gas was detected inside the building. Engine 204 searched the area and finally found the source. At the base of the flagpole for the Professional Building, there was a small area of standing water. This water was bubbling due to a ruptured gas line under the water and next to the pole. We have not determined if the gas line rupture was result of the storm. Due to the odor, the building was evacuated and Atmos Energy arrived to fix the problem. Engine 204, Utility 207, and Command 210 along with The Washington County Life Saving Crew responded. The VA State Police assisted in traffic control following the building evacuation.