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Fri. Dec 15th 2017
Abingdon Fire Respondes to 500th Call of 2017

Today, Abingdon Fire responded to their 500th call of 2017. It was a vehicle accident on Porterfield Highway. The largest cal...

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Tue. Nov 14th 2017
Bay Floor Stripping Project

Day Shift has been painting reflective lines on the truck bay floors to allow for precision placement of the apparatus.

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Fri. Nov 3rd 2017
IMPORTANT- Fire Extinguisher Recall

Kidde Recalls Fire Extinguishers with Plastic Handles Due to Failure to Discharge and Nozzle Detachment: One Death Reported&n...

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Abingdon Fire Department

316 Park Street

Abingdon, Virginia 24210

Recent Calls
Sat. Jan 13th 2018
At 13:27, Abingdon Fire was alerted to a structure fire in the 16000 block of Cavendish Drive. Upon arrival, a camper trailer was fully engulfed in flames. Chief 201, Chief 202, Engine 204, Tanker 207, Battalion 209 and Utility 210, responded along with a unit from the Washington County Life Sa...
Sat. Dec 23rd 2017
At 10:48, Abingdon Fire was dispatched to a structure fire in the 15000 Block of Litton Road. Brumley Gap Fire was also alerted as the automatic aid response agency. Upon arrival of Abingdon Fire Command, it was determined that it was an outbuilding fully involved. Brumley Gap Fire was can...
Thu. Dec 21st 2017
At 23:35, Abingdon Fire was advised of an accident at Cummings and Main Streets. This accident involved two Washington County Sheriff’s Office vehicles.  Both vehicles were responding to a domestic call off of Route 700. The vehicles were coming from different directions and hit...
Thu. Dec 21st 2017
At 10:02, Abingdon Fire was alerted to a vehicle accident involving a passenger car and a UPS truck. The UPS truck was stopped at a traffic signal at the intersection of Porterfield Highway and Elementary Drive. The passenger car hit the UPS truck in the rear, causing lots of debris a...
Sun. Dec 10th 2017
At 05:16, Abingdon Fire was alerted to an accident involving a double tractor trailer at the Southbound Interstate 81 Exit 14 Bridge. The truck had hit the bridge and ended up on its side. The second trailer's rear wheels were hanging off the bridge over Jonesboro Road. The driver of the truck e...
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The KNOX-BOX enables the Town of Abingdon Fire Department rapid entry to your business or home without damage if you are not there or unable to open the door.  KNOX-BOX is a key safe mounted outside that can be unlocked only by the Town of Abingdon Fire Department.  This is a voluntary alternative to forced entry, delayed entry or no entry when the Town of Abingdon Fire Department is called to your business or home for a fire alarm activation.  The Town of Abingdon Fire Department is one of more than 11,500 departments in North America to use the KNOX-BOX RAPID ENTRY SYSTEM.

The Town of Abingdon Fire Department uses the KEYSECURE master key security system to control the KNOX-BOX master key.  The KEYSECURE master key security system provides accountability with an audit trail giving the date, time and user ID for each key release.

Building entrance keys, access cards and floor plans can be stored in the high-security KNOX-BOX mounted near the building entrance.  The KNOX-BOX is purchased by the property owner and is keyed to a single master key controlled by the Town of Abingdon Fire Department.

If you are interested in purchasing a KNOX-BOX you can visit  Enter the City and State, press Search and Abingdon Fire Department eApprove will appear.  Select the product you would like to purchase, press Proceed with Pre-Authorization Order.  If you have any additional questions about the KNOX-BOX Program you can call (276) 628-5563 of e-mail

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